Nowadays people’s weekly schedules are quite busy, and oftentimes doing laundry is the least of our concerns. So if you are starting to see that big bag of laundry pile up, why not take advantage of a convenient 24 hour drop off service at your nearest Laundromat? It is as easy as can be! We all know the feeling of wanting to give up before even starting – that feeling can easily occur with too much laundry. But don’t worry!

At 4J Laundromat, we got you covered. A team consisting of laundry experts with great care sort, wash, dry, and fold your order to the best of their abilities and in order to meet your standards. All you have to do is to drop off your laundry and pick it up when ready. With the utmost attention and care, you will return home with all of your clothes fresh, clean, and ready to wear! And since it is a 24-hour service, you can fit it right into your schedule, whether it’s early morning before work or late night after. The process starts with you dropping off your laundry with an attendant. Hereafter your clothes are weighed, sorted, and washed. When the wash is completed, each order will individually be dried, folded, and sorted, and then packaged conveniently. The last step is then simply to pick it up, and your laundry chore is complete! Stop by 4J Laundromat or give us a call at (215) 334-2839 today, and let us help you get the job done! From now on, your laundry day is as easy as a drop off and pick up!